Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Google’s Latest Hummingbird Algorithm

Search algorithm is used to sort and display the search results by Google; when a user makes a search query. All the available information is considered by Google and the search engine ranking page or SERP comes up with the best results considered as aspects and Google webmaster guidelines. Now there is a latest update made to the search algorithm and it is called the “Hummingbird”. Some facts known so far about the new algorithm update are discussed below:

What is a search algorithm?
Search algorithm helps Google to sort out the best results to displays after making a wide consideration of all the available information and webpage contents. The websites which follow the Google SEO guidelines will be given more weightage in the displayed results.
What is the “Hummingbird” update?
The new algorithm update made by Google is given the name Hummingbird. From now this algorithm is expected to revert back with the best search results.
What is the future of the PageRank algorithm?
Page Rank algorithm is not dead. PageRank will always remain as one of the favorite factors of the Google algorithm. For the new Hummingbird recipe too PageRank is considered as one of the major ingredient along with content quality and other factors that counts over 200. Pages and their importance can easily be known using the factor called PageRank.
Why the latest algorithm update is named Hummingbird?
The name definitely comes out of the expectation in the new change. Precise and fast results are expected to be displayed.
When was the latest update made?
The new update came in effect from August 2013 and but the official announcement was made a month later in September 2013.
Wasn’t the change noticed by internet users?
The switching action Google made from the old algorithm to the new was so quick and amazing that there wasn’t any sort of issues which would make users aware about the change.
When did such a dramatic update happen before in the search algorithm of Google?
The search chief of Google, Amit Singhal said that it was in the 2001 when a dramatic change was made to the search algorithm of Google. IN 2010, there was also an update called Caffeine update. This was mainly done to help the search engine index rather well other than just sorting through all the available information. It was stated in Google blog those days that the new indexing system used by the Caffeine update was 50% fresher than the previous and a better collection of web contents had been offered.
Will the previous updates like Penguin and Panda have a role to play in the new Hummingbird algorithm?
All other older updated including the Penguin and the Panda were only changes that were made to the already used algorithm. But the entire thing was not changed like it happened with Hummingbird. Hummingbird is said to be an entirely new thing with some best rating factors of our Penguin and Panda updates.
Can Hummingbird be called as a new engine built using the older parts?
Yes and no shall be the answers. Because Google says that Hummingbird is a new engine built using both old and new parts organized in a way to serve the search demands of today’s world.
What is the new aspect that the hummingbird search activity deals with?
Conversational search is the best example of what happens. Searching can be made in the ease of make a conversation with the search engine. Rather than finding out matches for the keywords or phrases Google now tries to understand the complete meaning behind each word; even if the query is in the form of a sentence; and then help you get the best results for your search.  

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Importance of SEO

As far as online marketing plans and strategies are considered SEO is of high importance. Compared to other marketing forms on web, SEO is highly economic and efficient.  A very potent aspect of SEO is to make a website reasonable to both users and search engine crawlers. The way how a website is recognized by the search engine bots is entirely different and not same as how a user does. Here comes the real intention of SEO. Search engine optimization helps comprehend search engines about the contents on a webpage and how it really becomes useful for the realistic users on interface.
Moreover search engine traffic is qualified, free and residual too. These are the main reasons why it is said that a well-planned SEO promotion is compelling and influential. Search engine like Google and Yahoo promotes your website by sending organic traffic to the websites in a gradual manner.  But this happens under the condition that new informative contents are added to the website and its credibility is also increased by proper link building methods. If these conditions are satisfied then definitely website traffic is to increase as time elapses. The effectiveness of SEO can be clearly understood when it is compared to the revenue dependent advertisement methods like PPC and paid ad campaigns.
SEO or search engine optimization is the process by which a website is made to rank well in all major search engines result page when an internet user makes a search query. All website intends to appear on the first page of SERP or the search engine results page and this is where the actual use of SEO techniques comes in. SEO makes a website easily accessible to thousands and millions of users all around the globe and definite result comes up in the means of search engine traffic. Higher the rank of a website in the SERP, greater is the chance of a user visiting the website and that user can be transformed to a potential customer also. Some points justifying SEO and its importance are listed below:
  • SEO is the term coined for the process of making a website and available website content significant to both search engines and searchers. For achieving adequate results we have to treat the websites in a scientific and methodology based manner.
  • Definitely optimizing a website may take time and a minimum of 4-6 months may be required to get a good and noticeable result which may be taken as an achievement. The process is also of a recurring nature.
  • The sole aim of SEO is to make a website appear in the first page of SERP and consequently get terrific traffic inflow to the website.
  • For increasing the website ranking quality backlinks are to be generated to the website through highly relevant and eligible domains. For this there are many techniques used which are named as off page SEO.
  • Initial changes done in the general layout and content database of the website to make it search engine friendly is said to be on page SEO techniques.
  • There are mainly two ways of making websites popular on search engines. One way is to make advertisements in the related websites though PPC or paid ads method. Other way is to generate huge traffic in a natural way through organic search results. The paid ads method may be discontinued as soon as the revenue granted for ad campaigns run low in balance. But the SEO way of getting traffic is completely free and this continues as long as we wish without any money expenditure.
The main purpose of building a website by a business owner is to make it popular among the internet surfers and only search engines can helps us in this venture. Definitely search engines play a great role in the web functioning and its importance can never be neglected. Google alone is responsible for more than 70% of all the search queries happening on the web. In short the major advantages of SEO shall be states as:
  • Increased visibility in web
  • Affordable or very less cost factor
  • Highly boosts the business and related activities

Friday, 18 October 2013

How to avoid stress through work-life balance?

Life can be in a state of harmony only if both personal and professional life are balanced. If there is no work-life balance then definitely stress intensity is going to shoot up. Times before it was easy to maintain this balance as there was a clear cut difference between work and homely affairs. But today work life has dominated personal life in many ways and maintaining a work-life balance is no longer simple. The inbound fear of layoff, restructuring and other factors make the situation worse.
By applying some strategies in life it is possible to bring up this balance and harmony. To start with try evaluating your association with work.  Increasing work load or intense desire for a promotion may tempt us to spent large hours struggling with work. Fatigue, unspent hours with your family and friends, over expectations etc. are some of the most commonly seen results of unbalanced life.
Definitely all working people will have to face this existing challenge of managing the needs of both personal and professional life. Studies have been conducted to find out a way to bring the magic of work-life balance in everyone’s life. Articles for stress management and work-life balance are available in plenty which may help us in rectifying some of the issues which we face day to day in balancing official and homely affairs. Try some these simple ideas which are definitely going to help you greatly in this concern:
  • Proper time management: Equal attention is to be given to personal as well as professional matters. Try doing the most needed ones within the available time slot and make sure this gives you the best satisfaction. Try sharing your concerns with employers or people who can understand you better and try seeking their help if necessary rather than wasting time by doing the tasks which you are not confident about.
  • Make full use of the work flexibility: Flexible working hours, job sharing, other scheduling tasks, available holidays or leaves, telecommuting etc. are some of the options which most of the companies provide. Try making advantage of these options.
  • Never take in unnecessary burdens: It’s better not to commit any unwanted tasks that your colleagues are supposed to do. There are no issues in saying a no for you have more important things that are to be completed for yourself.
  • Technology deals with office hours: Advanced technology to communicate allows you to connect from anywhere, anytime and this creates no difference between work and home. This boundary is to be created ourselves or proper work-life balance. Being with family and loved ones try spending some good time with them and this is definitely going to bring good.
  • Try keeping a good friend circle: In office and work place, at times we may have to depend on others for some of our tasks to be completed or to take care of the little ones at home if you are to do overtime or some emergency travel comes in. Trust worthy friends or neighbors may be helpful at this time and try maintaining a support system always.
  • Health care: Apart from all these the most important thing is personal care and attention which most of us forget in our busy life schedule. We don’t eat and drink properly, don’t take proper exercise or rest and don’t get good sleep. This makes us weak physically and mentally. So please keep aside few hours for your favorite hobby or game which can refresh your mind and body.
Creating a good work-life balance is never a one-time deal. This has to happen as long as you work and is going to be an ongoing process as changes may happen in family life and work life. Make a good analysis of matters at regular intervals in life and make the necessary adjustments needed and be sure you maintain the right track. Family relations and values are definitely uplifted in a successful person’s life.